At home in the Arctic – alaskan malamute video

The Arctic coast of Alaska is famed for its weather and not least it’s wind. On my first trip to the Arctic I travelled along the coast on a short trip with Joe Henderson and his dog team and we encountered a lot of wind, wind that kept us tent bound for days. Everything was new and the wind was exciting. It scoured the surface of the sea ice and deposited great drifts of snow across our camp and over our tents. All the time we were snug and warm in our tents with a plentiful supply of driftwood to burn and food to cook on the stove. Outside Joe’s dogs slept and I could not believe what I was seeing. They had bedded down on the ice, curled their noses under their tales and let the storm blow over them. Soon many of them were drifted over sealed under an insulating quilt of snow, content and protected from the ferocious windchill. But don’t just take my word for it, as the storm abated I shot some video footage.



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