Howl like a wolf – video

This is the sound of Joe Henderson’s 22 alaskan malamutes howling with total abandon.

They love to howl when they have been fed, or pretty much any time they are feeling happy and content. I like the sound too, it’s like canine ululation, an ancient sound that unites all the individuals as a pack and raises the hairs on the back of my neck. Listen carefully and you can hear all their voices, the high, the harmonious, the low and hoary and the darn right mournful. Moments of perfect harmony phase in and out as they find their collective voice. It’s a sound that travels for miles around and broadcasts their collective pride and presence – If I were a passing wolf I would be seriously challenged by this choir!



JoAnne Kalvaitis I’m doing a brief booklet about my life in photos, text and sketches for a project by the Brooklyn Library. This booklet, if I get it done in time, will be digitized and available online. It is not for sale and only that one copy will be in existence as an actual object.

My parents and I spent 6 years in the NWT and lived for a time on an island on Great Slave Lake. The sled dogs we had were not malamutes, but whatever my dad bought. I remember them sleeping in the snow and in general we all lived a rough life through the winter, but to a child it was life.

My purpose in writing you is to ask for permission to do some sketches from your photos. Im 75 now and am eager to document the part of my life for which there are no photos.

Thank you,

JoAnne Kalvaitis Here is a link to the Brooklyn Library Project:

I got very excited seeing your photos of the North and wonder as well if I could sketch or do watercolours of a few others: Northern lights, etc Then I’m on the to next part of my life not in the North.

Thank you,

Angus Mill Hi JoAnne,
Sorry for being slow in responding, but please do use my photos for the basis of your drawings. Good luck with the project and if you have a link to your story, once it’s finished, I’d be pleased to see it.
Best wishes,

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