Alaskan malamute puppies at -45c

During last winter’s expedition Joe Henderson was surprised to discover that one of his team, Tikka, was pregnant, it was totally unexpected and a worrying prospect with temperatures hovering at -45c.

But all was to be well and Tikka gave birth to 2 pups, Pete and Lupine

and by the time I joined Joe 3 weeks later they were plump little butter balls not far off their first taste of real food.

First ever breakfast…

“Not sure about that”

Still not convinced

mother’s milk tastes best.

A few days later…

Joe does his best to persuade them it really is good food.

Success, shame about the table manners.

Happy family.

FURTHER READING – To download a great article by Joe Henderson, all about Pete and Lupine click here: Born_Tough.pdf

Or visit Joe’s own website for many more great articles:

lyn jones what a lovely picture…soo beautiful

Jodie Omg these dogs are so beautiful !!

Jackie OMG beautiful pupps

Larry Merrill Great stories! Thank you

Gregory Thank you for their lovely stories

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