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Favourite photos #1 – Camp for the night on the coastal plain of Alaska’s North Slope

It may be surprising to some that I am not a great believer in the significance of photographs, perhaps a heresy and doubly so as I am a professional photographer, a peddler of seductive images. Still when it comes to the Arctic I can’t help myself and I am seduced, as many of us are, […]

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Snowshoes or skis?

It’s a conundrum that challenges me on every trip North. When planning what kit to take, and being ever mindful to keep weight to a reasonable minimum, I always fudge this one and take both. What is for certain is that you need one or the other (or both). This is Joe Henderson doing a […]

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Camping at -50

People often ask what it’s like to camp in the Arctic winter; well it’s not bad if you’ve got the kit. Here’s a shot of one of Joe Henderson’s Thermalodge tents on an icy moon lit night. & an “exploded diagram” photo,┬áthis is the moment just before putting the canvas over the top. Once settled […]

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