Northern lights

The northern lights in Alaska are undoubtedly spectacular, they often swirl and dance across the night sky adding an unworldly charm to many of our camps, at least that’s how I like to think it is because in reality I have very rarely seen them.

In the depths of March a clear night means a cold night and it takes a lot of determination to leave the cocoon of a warm sleeping bag. On this occasion I did, I set my alarm for 1am, staggered up, pulled on mukluks, parka and mitts, stepped outside and was mesmerized. It was a revelation that I will always remember. The only problem was that I’m also a photographer and I’m meant to photograph things like this, often I would really rather kick back and enjoy the moment. The thought of setting up a camera and tripod to record something so ethereal seemed a little distracting and practically challenging. Fortunately habit kicked in and I took this photo, maybe not the best shot ever but it has become a talisman for me, representing much of what draws me back to the North year after year.

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