Travelling North to the Arctic

Getting to the start of an expedition on Alaska’s North Slope is an experience in itself. It’s hugely enjoyable.

Fairbanks to Deadhorse via Kaktovik with Frontier Flying. It’s a regular scheduled flight but the size of the aircraft definitely feels frontier.

It is the scenic route; you fly over hundreds of miles of wilderness. I spend the journey glued to the window, mesmerized by the emptiness and musing at just how difficult it would be to travel through those mountains. It easy to grasp just why there is nobody down there.

and then as you descend to the coastal plain the Inupiat settlement of Kaktovik comes into view, isolated on it’s small island on the edge of the Arctic Ocean. It’s a brief touch down before continuing to Deadhorse.

Deadhorse, remote as it is, is a relative metropolis – it is the gateway and logistics centre for the oilfields of Prudhoe Bay.

Hotel arctic style, Deadhorse Camp.

A great place to stay, with a very warm welcome, rooms, “consistent with the industrial heritage of the region” and great food. I am packed and ready for the expedition.

Bryony Fraser Suits you Angus!

callum house u look nice and warm lol

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